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IRS Web Security and Privacy Policy

IRS Privacy Policy

You have entered the Internal Revenue Service's website, an official United States Government System. The IRS uses this website to provide information about IRS services and programs. This website includes specific applications which provide more services or enable us to respond to specific questions from web site visitors.

We will not collect personal information about you just because you visit this Internet site. There are applications on this web site that provide you with the opportunity to order forms, ask questions requiring a response, sign up for electronic newsletters, participate in focus groups and customer surveys, or learn the status of filed returns or anticipated payments. Using these services is voluntary and may require that you provide additional personal information to us. Providing the requested information implies your consent for us to use this data in order to respond to your specific request.


We make no attempts to identify individual users unless we suspect illegal behavior. To keep this service available and secure, we monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to add or change information, or otherwise cause damage to the website. By using this website you consent to such monitoring. Unauthorized attempts to upload information and/or change information on this website are strictly prohibited and are subject to prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act, and Title 18 USC Sections 1001 and 1030.

IRS Office of Privacy

The Internal Revenue Service's Privacy Office ensures that your personal information is protected whenever you visit the IRS website. If you have any questions or comments regarding the IRS's website privacy policy, please contact us at the address below.

The Director, Office of Privacy 
Internal Revenue Service 
Room 7050 OS:MA:P 
1111 Constitution Ave. NW 
Washington, DC 20224 

BEFORE YOU WRITE, note that we cannot assist you with any type of tax matter. Our office may only address questions about IRS privacy policies or concerns you may have regarding how IRS uses and collects personal information.